In line with its vision a pioneering municipality for a global city. Dubai Municipality has been leading the way in sustaining and monitoring of air quality. This was reinforced with the introduction of the Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Station (MAEMS), the first of its kind air quality mobile station in the Middle East, designed to monitor over 100 air pollutants. The vehicle serves as a mobile environmental operation room and was designed to monitor ambient air pollutants emitted from operational processes across a range of different sectors including the industrial, transportation, energy sectors and a range of service facilities. Since the start of its operation, the MAEMS has been utilized in the successful conduct of several studies, environmental surveys and environmental awareness campaigns within Dubai Emirate, contributing largely in the achievement of a number of strategic, technical, legal and social outcomes and adding great value to the existing air quality monitoring network stations of air, odor, noise and EMF. The Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Station, which harnesses the latest technologies and systems for the happiness and service of its residents and visitors, supports the Emirate's position as a model for smart cities in the world.


With an ultimate goal of improving Dubai air environment quality, the Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Station was designed with a number of objectives. The MAEMS aims to support building a strong database for the study of air pollutant concentrations and trends that will be used as an input for the development of future strategies and actions and support the amendments of local environmental laws and regulations to improve air quality in the city. The station also enables larger scale of air quality monitoring to supplement the existing network, allowing it to reach areas that are not represented by the fixed air quality monitoring stations and to determine more in-depth understanding of air quality in these areas. Additionally, the MAEMS aims to investigate specific areas based on past and present air pollution complaints and respond to air quality related public complaints or emergency situations. The Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Station also aims to raise awareness through implementing an environmental awareness plan.


The Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Station is equipped with over 20 advanced monitoring technologies monitoring more than 100 parameters (criteria pollutants, odorous and toxic gases, heavy metals, noise, electromagnetic field, greenhouse gases and meteorological parameters). The sampling and analytical instruments are following USEPA reference or equivalent methods in accordance with the US Codes of Federal Regulation for the Protection of Environment. On-site calibration is undertaken for each of the monitoring devices on board the mobile station as per the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation requirements. The station has, furthermore, built-in communication and self-monitoring security devices and advanced computer programs to process and analyze the data that are displayed on the smart screen located inside the station. In support of the green and sustainable initiatives, the mobile station conforms with Euro 5 engine specifications, and is equipped with solar panels and run on biofuel for renewable energy sources. The above state-of-the art features of the mobile station were recognized with the awards given by Innovation Arabia and Ideas America in 2018, and Green Apple Environment in 2019.


The Mobile Station is utilized as an awareness tool for the educational and academic institutions and general public with the aim of raising awareness and knowledge about the importance of maintaining good air quality. The MAEMS campaigns specifically inform the public on the relevance of measuring and monitoring air pollutants to assess local human health effects and to evaluate progress towards the improvement of air quality. Alongside other activities during the awareness drives, participants embark on a tour inside the mobile station to appreciate and understand the basics of operating the analyzers and processing the data. Participants are also shown method demonstrations on sample collection and operation of hand-held or portable measuring instruments. A number of private and government schools in Dubai as well as a number of environmental conferences and events were already visited to introduce the mobile station and its technical capabilities. The Environmental Sustainability Department highly encourages Dubai organizations to express participation interest towards upcoming air quality awareness events.