About Dubai Air Environment

Dubai Municipality has launched the "Dubai Air Environment" platform as one of the initiatives aimed at enhancing the air quality awareness in the Emirate, the platform provides real-time and forecasting data about the air environment in Dubai mainly based on a set of smart digital systems developed by Municipality over the past years. The platform additionally reviews some of the environmental achievements and the most prominent strategies implemented by the Environmental Sustainability Department, strengthening the air environment sector in the Emirate and enabling an educative browsing experience for various community groups and those interested from health, educational and academic institutions among others.

Disclaimer: Dubai Municipality has ensured a high level of data accuracy, and does not bear any responsibility related to the wrong copying or misuse of the data and the consequence of any decisions taken in this regard.

C40 CLEAN AIR CITIES Accelerator

In 2019, Emirate of Dubai, along with 34 other cities, has signed the C40 Clean Air Cities Accelerator at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen committing to deliver clean air for its people and help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. In partnership with C40, the cities pledge to set ambitious reduction targets for air pollutants, and to meet or exceed national commitments, implement new substantive air quality policies and programmes by 2025, and publicly report progress on achieving these goals.

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