Air Quality

Real time data

View real-time air quality data and know more about criteria pollutants concentrations and the air quality index.

Forecasted data

Explore air quality forecasted data to track air quality around you and to better plan your outdoor activities.


Gaseous Pollutants

Particulate Matter

Last hour average concentrations

  • CO
  • N02
  • O3
  • S02
  • PM10
  • PM2.5

Gaseous Pollutants

Particulate Matter

Gaseous Pollutants

Particulate Matter


Dubai Air Quality is a mobile application launched by Dubai Municipality. It is a user-friendly interface that displays real-time and forecasted air quality information in the Emirate of Dubai. In addition to showcasing the AQI (Air Quality Index) for the Emirate. The launched application is intended to build awareness around the air quality of the Emirate, and contribute to the daily planning of activities, as well as human health protection.


Dubai Air Environment Monitoring Mobile Station
Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Laboratory

The Mobile Air Environment Monitoring Laboratory (MAEML) is the first of its kind air environment mobile Laboratory in the Middle East, equipped with the latest air environment analyzers to monitor over 100 air pollutants.

Dubai Air & Odor Monitoring Network
Air Quality & Odor Monitoring Network

The Air Quality and Odor Monitoring Network comprises ground stations providing continuous real-time air quality monitoring to track criteria air pollutants and odorous gases, strategically located within Dubai Emirate.

Dubai Environmental Monitoring nanosatellite DMSAT-1

DM SAT1 is the first environmental nanometric satellite in the region. It represents an important step towards the future in the field of environment monitoring, with several unique features that represent the next generation of satellites.

Dubai Environmental Monitoring nanosatellite DMSAT-1
Noise & EMF Stations

The Noise and EMF monitoring network comprises ground stations to monitor noise and EMF levels within the emirate of Dubai. The stations are strategically located,based on comprehensive modeling studies, within Dubai Emirate.